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EdisonLogo_TM_Col.jpg Importing Contacts from Outlook Into FirstClass

If you have been using Outlook to access your mail, the following migration possibilities apply to you:

Migrating Contacts:
We do not have access to the Contact information stored in your Outlook program, so we have not been able to migrate it for you. Migrating your Contacts yourself is quite straightforward. Follow these steps:

Step 1 - Exporting from Outlook
1. From the main Outlook window, select your Contacts on the Application Bar
2. From the File menu, select Import and Export ....  In the window that appears, select Export to a file:


4. Click Next. In the window that appears, select Comma Separated Values (Windows):


5. Click next. In the window that appears, select Contacts:


6. Click Next. Select the location you'd like to save the exported file and click Next. This completes the Export of the Contact information from Outlook. The next task is to Import the information to FirstClass.

Step 2: Importing Contacts in to FirstClass

1. Log into FirstClass. From your FirstClass Desktop, go to the File menu and select Import/Import Contacts ...

2. Navigate to the location where you saved the file. Change the "Files of type" field to "Comma Separated Values" and select the previously exported file:


3. Click Open. A screen will appear allowing you to match Contacts fields between the two systems. This will probably be a good match by default, but adjust as necessary:


4. Click Open. An "Uploading"window will appear. To see progress, click the triangle in the bottom left corner to see this screen:


5. When the upload is complete, the window will indicate this:


6. Open your Contacts folder and ensure that the appropriate contacts have been migrated. There are a small number of cases in which contacts will not migrate, but these should be rare.

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